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Silent treatment

A huge baggage
I carry along wherever I go
while I'm awake
while having a meal
while going to the toilet
while I'm on the road
while I'm on anything

I take my baggage along.

Against the tide of the time

From the Jim Corbett Diary

Nature always fascinates me. All of these images are photoshopped but I can assure, the places are as beautiful as they are without any ornamentation. (Just trying my hand on Photoshop!) Howsoever artificially beautiful a place/thing is, the natural creation is always a step ahead. The first image is taken from deep inside the jungle, and I have added a bit of bewilderment taking the shot upside down; the second is Corbett Fall, so lush, so green though I have altered the saturation and hue; and the third is from a wild roadside shrub.

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